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Workers' Compensation

West and Associates, L.L.P. has represented a multitude of clients in the area of Workers’ Compensation. The representation has included both the prosecution of claims on behalf of injured workers and the defense of those claims. In the defense of workers’ compensation claims, we have represented companies that are either self-insured or who have an insurance carrier whose interests require protection.

The Firm provides full service representation of workers’ compensation claims. We investgate the claim and provide a detailed evaluation of its merits. We then continue our representation throughout the administrative process with the Workers’ Compensation Commission through Judicial Review, if necessary. The Firm provides representation at the Benefit Review Conference, the Contested Case Hearing, and an appeal to the Workers Compensation Appeals Panel in Austin, if necessary. Once the administrative remedies are exhausted, and if continued representation is necessary, the Firm will continue to represent the client on Judicial Review in District or County Court. This representation includes filing or answering a Petition for Judicial Review and aggressively pursuing litigation of the claim to Jury Trial or alternative resolution. To date, the Firm has never lost a Workers’ Compensation claim subject to Judicial Review.

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